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Testimonials From Our Current Clients

Good sign we managed to close 3 positions. Looking forward for more positions!

Mr. Desmond

Within 2 job postings, we managed to hire 3 from Job Majestic. Thank you Job Majestic!

Mr. Ean

I chose JM because most of our roles needed Mandarin-speaking sales and Gen Z. JM is focused on this area. The Marketing Team helps to promote our posts in all social media platforms. Able to get Mandarin Speaking Sales staff, so we could recommend them to our clients.

Ms. Glory G.

My overall experience with the Job Majestic online recruitment platform has been quite positive, largely attributed to its user-friendly interface. Besides, the accessibility and helpfulness of the account manager have stood out, providing me with a convenient avenue for seeking assistance. The platform effectively streamlines the reception of applications from interested candidates. In summary, the experience is marked by user-friendliness, supportive assistance, and smooth application handling.

Ms. Eling V.

从以前到现在只要有人问到招聘平台, 放心, Job Majestic还是首选我们介绍给身边朋友的平台!

Mr. Lee

We are successfully hire a new candidates for DM position. Thanks for help from the platform!

Mr. Poh

Job Majestic scoring meter is awesome! I managed to hire a preschool teacher using the first post.

Mr. David

Hello Kate, I give 5 stars to your prompt support. Please tell your upline that I want him or her to recognize your efforts. You have provided excellent service and advise.

Mr. Tom

Job Majestic's Portal Statistics


Candidates Used Job Majestic for Employment Opportunities

(Dec 2021 to Nov 2023)


Candidates Applications were from Top Applicants

(May 2023 to Nov 2023)


of Jobs with Shortlisted Candidates

(Oct 2023 to Dec 2023)

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Application Scoring Meter Relevancy Score 97 % 70% Top Applicant Threshold

70% - 100%

Relevancy Score

Top Tier Applicants

Highly relevant & ready-to-hire candidates.

Application Scoring Meter Relevancy Score 55 % 70% Top Applicant Threshold

50% - 69%

Relevancy Score

Mid Tier Applicants

Promising candidates with potential for improvement.

Application Scoring Meter Relevancy Score 27 % 70% Top Applicant Threshold

0% - 49%

Relevancy Score

Low Tier Applicants

Candidates requiring further review to assess suitability.

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Employer Tier Pricing

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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Here, we've compiled a list of common questions to provide you with quick answers and help you make the most out of our platform. Whether you are a new user or a seasoned employer, this FAQ is designed to address your queries and provide valuable insights

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Our exclusive TRAIN benefits deliver instant Job relevance scoring, empowering talent to target areas of improvement, offering detailed analysis of relevancy elements, facilitating effective candidate shortlisting, and presenting curated resumes for enhanced interview efficiency.

Moreover, we extend your reach by cross-publishing on seven strategic platforms like Jora, Careerjet, Postjobfree, Jooble, Facebook, Google For Jobs, Telegram, and

Elevate your hiring experience with our dedicated recruitment team, ready to handle sourcing and recommend candidates perfectly aligned with your requirements.

Upon unlocking a job with Unlock Applications Credit, you will earn Tier Credit. The more Unlock Applications Credits you use, the more Tier Credits you accumulate, allowing you to progress to the next tier for better pricing of each Unlock Applications Credit.

Each Unlock Application Credit enables you to access and process the applicants in a job posting. The more job postings you unlock (Unlock Applications Credit you use), the more Tier Credits you accumulate, allowing you to progress to the next tier for better pricing of each Unlock Applications Credit.

To view applications, click the "Unlock Applications" button associated with your job posting. A payment will be required to unlock and access all the applicants' details.

I. Real-time payment
Real-time payment, also known as direct payment, refers to an immediate and instant transaction that allows you to pay for services. Accepted payment methods include credit/debit cards, FPX Payments, and popular E-Wallets like GrabPay, Touch 'n Go, and Boost.

II. Postpaid
Postpaid is a payment method where you are billed for services or credits after use. With Job Majestic's postpaid option, you can post jobs without making upfront payments, subject to management review and approval. Charges are billed on the 1st working day of the month based on your usage. Accepted payment methods include credit/debit cards, FPX Payments, and popular E-Wallets like GrabPay, Touch 'n Go, and Boost.

The number of applicants is only revealed after unlocking the job posting through the "Unlock Applications" button. This ensures fair and unbiased consideration of all applications.

No worries; we commit to providing you with Relevant Applications. Our target is to deliver as follows:
  • A minimum of 5 applications from Top Relevancy Applicants, or
  • A minimum of 3 applications from Top Relevancy Applicants along with 12 applications from Mid to Low Relevancy Applicants.

If the target is not met, we will extend the job posting for free until the desired results are achieved, with an extension of up to 60 days.

If the desired outcome is not achieved even after the extension, we will provide you with a Complimentary Credit. You can use this credit to post the same position again. We don't give up easily; instead, we see it as a challenge to meet your hiring needs. This complimentary credit is valid for 90 days for posting a new job.

Guaranteed Applications are only applicable to those who have paid with Unlock Applications Credit.

For the security and protection of candidates, we require first-time clients to complete a company authentication check before unlocking applications. This measure helps prevent potential scams and ensures a safe and trustworthy environment for both employers and candidates.

Job Majestic is dedicated to price stability, committing to a freeze throughout 2024 and 2025 to ensure stability and predictability for our valued clients. This commitment underscores our dedication to supporting your business in recruitment endeavors. A price increase allows us to reinvest for better quality. If any pricing adjustments happen, you will receive a notice six months in advance. This advance notice allows for ample preparation on your end.

We would like to kindly inform you that refunds are not available upon the use of “Unlock Applications Credit", irrespective of the hiring outcome. This policy becomes applicable once a candidate's resume has been viewed, and the service has been successfully utilized.
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