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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: JobMajestic.com developed the Talent Relevancy Intelligence N-gine (TRAIN), an innovative system that empowers job seekers to assess their talent relevancy score against a job application, helping them determine their chances of being called for an interview or to search for more suitable roles on the platform, while also providing employers with a reliable recommendation of the top applicants who scored high against the job advertisement, thanks to the system's advanced machine learning algorithms.

Ans: As an AI language talent relevancy tool, TRAIN strives to be as accurate as possible in performing the matching algorithm. However, like any other technology, its accuracy is not perfect, and there may be instances where its scoring may not be entirely accurate or may require further clarification. The accuracy of TRAIN’s talent relevancy scoring depends on the quality and completeness of the job applicant’s resume it receives, as well as the complexity matching levels which are very challenging. Nevertheless, JobMajestic.com continues to learn and improve over time as it is exposed to more data and feedback.

Ans: At JobMajestic.com, we understand the prevalence of candidates falsifying their resumes, but we prioritize the integrity of the job application process. To ensure that our platform is a safe and reliable space for both employers and job seekers, we take several preventive measures.

Firstly, TRAIN is designed to scrutinize consistency and flags potential red flags that may lead to the suspension of candidate accounts.

Secondly, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for resume fraud and utilize a sophisticated system that detects any potential misrepresentation or falsification. In the rare event that such activity is reported or detected, we issue a stern warning to the candidate, and they risk being blacklisted by employers, and their account may be suspended on the platform.

Finally, we work closely with employers to conduct thorough investigations before taking any necessary actions, including suspending candidate accounts, to ensure a trustworthy job application environment.

Thank you for considering JobMajestic.com as your go-to most practical talent matching platform.