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Streamline your recruiting process with AI-powered talent matching product, TRAIN. Connect with serious and relevant talents faster.

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Application Scoring Meter Relevancy Score 99 % 70% Top Applicant Threshold
Application Scoring Meter Relevancy Score 99 % 70% Top Applicant Threshold

Introducing Job Majestic's AI Technology: TRAIN

Talent Relevancy AI eNgine (TRAIN) is a built in AI technology to generate relevancy scoring of the jobseeker with the job applied. TRAIN will help to connect employers’ expectations to jobseekers’ best relevancy.


Clear, Fast & Precise Shortlisting

Forget the confusion of traditional applicants with clueless shortlisting methods. With Job Majestic, you can make accurate hiring decisions based on our TRAIN spider web.


Relevancy at a Glance

Our detailed spider chart and curated resumes provide instant insights into each candidate's qualifications, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your role.


Smarter, Faster Hiring

Our AI-powered talent matching product cuts through the clutter, providing candidates relevancy score based on your specific needs with applicant resume. Save your time and find the right people sooner.

How does TRAIN work?

Application Scoring Meter Relevancy Score 99 % 70% Top Applicant Threshold
Education Level Working Location Salary Matching Languages WorkingExperiences JobExpectations SCORE

Precision Hiring Unleashed with TRAIN

Efficiently spot ideal candidates with TRAIN's instant job relevancy score, skipping standard resume screenings. The Relevancy Spider Web assesses skills, certifications, and key elements, ensuring precise hiring decisions.

Curated Resume

Special Resume for You

CURATED resume highlights matched keywords to assist interviewers in understanding of the interviewee's relevancy during the interview.

Curated Resume

Comprehensive Applicant Analytics

Access extensive insights with Job Majestic's analytics, gaining a strategic advantage in efficiently evaluating all applicants and making well-informed hiring decisions.

Data Processing

Not All Roles Require High Scores Across All Six Key Elements For Shortlisting

Most applicants scoring above 62% in the six key elements of AI talent matching have been shortlisted by employers.

(For example, fresh graduates may not have high scores in job expectations and experience since they are just starting their careers.) Therefore, no matching for job expectations and working experience is done for fresh graduates. This ensures a fair evaluation process that considers the specific needs of candidates in various stages of their careers.

Now you know how our TRAIN works, let’s start hiring shall we?