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Tier Pricing Plan for 'UNLOCK APPLICATIONS CREDIT' Purchase

With just an UNLOCK APPLICATIONS CREDIT, you can access all candidate applications in a single job posting!

Accumulating credit purchases across multiple orders allows you to progress to the next tier for additional benefits and better pricing for each UNLOCK APPLICATIONS CREDIT.

Tier Pricing Plan


MYR 488.00

MYR 488.00

Per Credit


MYR 488.00

MYR 414.80

Per Credit


MYR 488.00

MYR 341.60

Per Credit


MYR 488.00

MYR 244.00

Per Credit


MYR 488.00

MYR 170.80

Per Credit

Tier Credit 1st - 10th 11th - 30th 31st - 60th 61st - 100th 101st and Above
Customer Support Response Next business day Next business day Next business day Same business day 4-Business hour
Guarantee Talent Applications
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Guaranteed Talent Applications

We are committed to provide the RELEVANT CANDIDATES with each Unlock of Applications. Our target is to deliver as below:

  • Minimum 5 applications from TOP Relevancy Applicants, OR
  • Minimum 3 applicants from TOP Relevancy Applicants along with 12 applications from MID to LOW Relevancy Applicants


Job Posting Top Applications Applications (Mid & Low) Achieved Results
A 3 12 Results Achieved
B 1 15 Failure to Achieve Results
C 2 18 Failure to Achieve Results
D 5 4 Results Achieved

If the target is not met, we will extend the job posting for free until the desired results are achieved, with an extension of up to 60 days.

If the desired outcome is not achieved even after the extension, we will provide you with a Complimentary Credit. You can use this credit to post the same position again. We don't give up easily; instead, we see it as a challenge to meet your hiring needs. This complimentary credit is valid for 90 days for posting a new job.

Guaranteed Applications are only applicable to those who have paid with Unlock Applications Credit.

Cross Publishing

Imagine advertising your job opening on many different websites and social media at the same time. That's what Cross Publishing does! Employer Job Majestic brings all your hiring efforts together in one place. With Cross Publishing, you're not just advertising on one platform - you're advertising everywhere people might check for new jobs.

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